Adaptability and Sacrifice

This post was supposed to be about all the fun Rena and I had going camping and wakeboarding with my cousins this weekend.  Instead, Texas happened.

Living in Texas, the weather is never the same for consecutive days.  This weekend was no exception.

This weekend wasn’t just a typical weekend of planned fun, there were many factors involved that made this one a little different.

For Christmas I got my own wakeboard from my parents and I’ve been dying to get it on the water.  Well, my cousin has a boat and his little brother is on leave from the Marines so they’re going camping.  Awesome, this is the perfect opportunity for me to complete my board and break it in.  My mom went with me and got me some top of the line boots, a killer life jacket and new board shorts as my early graduation gift.  I’m about as pumped as I can get for the weekend.

I was initially considering skipping my Saturday morning class so that I could go up to Lake Somerville for the full weekend.  My mom convinced me to go ahead and go to class, I’ve only got 70 days left until graduation and I’d still get to ride my board plenty.

I was up late packing mine and Rena’s bags, got the car all loaded up and finally went to bed ready to tackle my morning class and then go cut up the lake.  My class is on the other side of Houston, on the way to Somerville, so she was going to meet me to keep me from wasting time and gas.  Well, I’m nearly to class when I get a call from a classmate informing me that class has been cancelled.

Most people’s initial reaction would be something positive.  I, however, was pretty upset.  “You mean to tell me I could’ve been camping for two days already?!”  Obviously, my mom wasn’t even on her way yet, so I head home to get Rena ready and head out.

The weather was pretty chilly, probably too chilly to go wakeboarding, but like I said, this wasn’t just ANY weekend, I got my new board and everything, I’ve got to try it out, right?  I was ready, willing and able to go jump in the freezing water for a few pulls at a time, even if it meant getting a little sick later.

Turns out, Rena was already coming down sick.  Nothing too bad, but if that were to be combined with the freezing water, wind and never being completely warm, she would’ve gotten much worse.  So I made the responsible decision and called my aunt to inform her that we couldn’t risk Rena getting any sicker.

It’s only Monday and she’s already feeling better, and I am coming down with what she avoided.  In my face.  At least she’s better.



3 thoughts on “Adaptability and Sacrifice

  1. twelvegage12 says:

    Thank you! I’m learning, and I’ve ended up WAY sicker than she was, so it’s a good thing I didn’t go. The lakes aren’t going anywhere.

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