Getting back on the horse

Rena and I finally got to have our weekend on the water!  It wasn’t on a huge lake with my cousins and everybody, but it ended up being more private (see: better.)  I had a busy weekend going to Dallas for a school/career event Friday morning, then to Austin for SXSW that evening and finally winding up in Zorn Saturday morning where we stayed with my dad’s best friend.  Who happens to live on a PRIVATE ski lake.

Rena’s been on a boat with my before, and I’ve even gotten her to ride a tube (at a safe speed) by herself.  I would love to get her into water sports down the line, but that’ll be up to her; and after this weekend, it may be unlikely.

Everything was fine on Saturday.  I finally got to ride my new wakeboard and she rode around in the boat with my dad and Bobby, his friend.  She enjoyed it, but she won’t scream.  She’ll be goofy and scream the entire time we are inside, but once we get on the boat, where it’s perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to scream, she refuses!  Regardless, we both had a great Saturday and my parents took us out to eat to Mozie’s, their favorite restaurant in Gruene, where they have the best garlic fries in the universe.

Rena woke up early and got to see Bobby do his morning ski passes that he does every day.  She even told me later that he is “really cool.”  I woke up later and her, my mom and myself all went to the San Marcos Outlet Mall and all we heard about was that he had to get back so I could wakeboard.  We finished shopping for my sister’s birthday and immediately got ready to get on the boat when we got back.

I road my wakeboard until I could barely hold on to the rope anymore, when Rena asks if she can get on the tube.  Awesome!  I really wanted her to, but didn’t want to push it on her if she was scared.  So Bobby and myself go and air up the tube.  We come back and Rena’s hanging out in the boat with Mimi; she’s more than ready at this point, airing up the tube took way too long!

We get on the tube, her on the right side, me on the left and Bobby takes off in the boat, pulling us behind.  He doesn’t go too crazy because of Rena, but she was really enjoying it.  After we did a few passes back and forth across the lake I let go to let her get used to doing it on her own.  She’s done it before, she’ll be fine right?  Wrong, Dad.  She made it back and forth a couple times then, out of nowhere, the front of her tube goes under and she flies off into the water.  She had her life-jacket on, so she floated back up immediately and grabbed on to the handles on the tube.  I ran down the shore to help her, but my mom was on the boat and was able to get her out of the water before I got there.  We tried to assure her that she was OK (because she was) and let her know that she did very good by popping up and getting ahold of the handles as quickly as she did.  She calmed down enough to get back on the tube with me if I promised to not let go again.  And this is where it hit the fan.

I figured the best thing to do was to get her back on the horse, or the tube in this case, so that she could conquer her fear.  That’s how I was raised and it worked out fine for me.  Well, we get back on and Bobby’s driving the boat even slower this time, I’m holding on to the tube with my left hand and have my right arm around Rena to where she’s pressed tightly against the tube.  Apparently, that wasn’t enough.  She started FREAKING OUT as soon as we took off.  At the turn around point, Bobby slowed down to a stop since she was freaking out.  I convinced Rena to let me hop off so that I could grab her and get her off the tube.  I hop off and Bobby just started to go, which took her freaking out to an entirely new level.

I felt terrible because I promised her that I wasn’t going to do that, and in theory, I didn’t, I was trying to rescue her.  It just didn’t work out that way and she said she was never getting on a boat again.  I guess the lesson learned is that she is a little girl and the same things that worked for me as a young fella won’t necessarily work for her as a little lady.

She ended up getting over it and we had a nice and safe trip back home.  She hasn’t mentioned it, but I’m sure I haven’t heard the last of it yet.  Live and learn.  And let her get back on the horse when she’s good and ready.mimiandamonkey


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