Soccer Dad

I’m not buying a minivan.  Ever.

Rena had her first day of soccer practice this past Tuesday, and it was HILARIOUS.


She was very excited to go, and I was very excited to take her.  I thought it’d be fun for her and good for her, mentally and physically.  Obviously, being active is good for kids, but her friends have basically always been picked out for her, either by my last girlfriend or myself, our friends that have kids automatically became her friends.  That’s not really fair, or healthy in my opinion, to Rena.  Plus, this is the first thing I’ve involved her in that is actually competitive.


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a kids soccer game/practice, but it is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Little girl wearing goggles rolling around on the ground, kids running the wrong way – all of the cliches you’ve heard of, they’re real.

I won’t go too into the details of the practice, but Rena started off strong, then faded towards the end (I’m going to experiment a little with her pre-training nutrition.)  She thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, that she thought it was every day and told Mimi that, when practices are only on Tuesdays and games on Saturdays, with the first game coming up this Saturday.

We’ve been practicing in the backyard since then, and she doesn’t seem to understand that the other team is going to be trying to keep her from scoring, however it is that 5-year-olds do that.  My parents have a weenie dog that just loves to play defense, and Rena’s methods for getting the ball back are worthy of at least a yellow card in a game.  She yells at the dog and spanks him.  I hope she doesn’t try that on Saturday.

This brings me to my realization though – what if she’s not any good at sports?  Sports were a HUGE part of my life, still are.  I was also pretty good at them growing up (though I never played soccer) and was very competitive.  She’s a girl, and she may not have that competitive fire that I did.  Somehow, I have to figure out how to be ok with that.  Until I know for sure though, be on the look out for the next Mia Hamm.



4 thoughts on “Soccer Dad

  1. claudiabette says:

    Hi, your blog is fun to read!

    About the sports, I had my son in Soccer when he was 7 (he just turned 9 in March). He hated it. I became concerned because like you said, I thought “what if he was not good at sports?”

    I was about to trybaseball with him (which he was already protesting he wouldn’t like)….but then, we went to our first Hockey game (check out my blog on our hockey adventures and how hockey pucks end up in my purse).

    That was the game changer. He has been taking skating lessons since December, has mastered that and will be starting the Hockey lessons next month.

    I was SOOO relieved that he found a sport he likes! She’ll find her niche…

    Oh and P.S. love Dachsunds! (weenie dogs) 🙂

    • twelvegage12 says:

      Thank you for the kind words and the follow!

      She’s 5 and we’ve already tried rock climbing, she’s tubed behind a boat, hit golf balls, soccer and we’ve even thrown a baseball around outside a little. She hasn’t had the epiphany that your son seemed to have, but she has enjoyed them all.

      We will keep trying things, most importantly just staying outside and active.

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