Hopefully she can cook

Remember how I was wondering what my reaction would be to if Rena lacked the competitive fire that I had as a kid?  I think I found out.

For some ridiculous reason, her coach thinks as a warm-up, the kids should throw the soccer ball in the air and try to catch it.  I’ve never played soccer, but I have never warmed up by throwing any type of ball in the air and trying to clap before catching it.  Never.

Dad rant out of the way.

Throughout the practice, whenever the coach would be calling a huddle or calling the kids in, Rena would be one of the last ones to run in.  She would be horsing around tossing the ball up, clapping her hands and then chasing it everywhere.

Additionally, she waves to me every five minutes or so.  I tried hiding behind the stands, and she stops running, searches for me and then waves.

I know, I shouldn’t be upset about that.  She’s a little kid, and she’s just being a sweet, little girl, and I’m sure at some point down the line I would trade anything for her to wave at me every five minutes.  But the competitor in me wants to see her dominate!  She even wanted to go for a run to get in better shape the night before her practice!  We kicked the ball throughout the run and she did great.

But like I said before, maybe she doesn’t have that fire.  And that’s OK, it really is; I just haven’t figured out how to deal with it in my head yet.  I refuse to be the parent on the sideline screaming at their kid, but at the same time, I don’t believe with society’s notion that “we’re all winners.”

However, I do believe we have all been put here to win at something.  Maybe Rena wasn’t put here to play soccer.

So we went home and made brownies.  And they were delicious.



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