My apologies

A lot has happened since my last post that has led me to not writing.  No excuses, and I’m getting back on the horse.  This post will be pretty picture heavy to get caught up on things that have happened since.

Our Easter was uneventful, but nice.  My mom got Rena a really cute dress, but we ended up not going anywhere and had the egg hunt in our backyard.

Easter1 Easter7

The only thing that detracted from our Easter was that her mom promised her a giant rabbit and failed to deliver.  Rena didn’t understand that the basket of goodies was from the Easter Bunny and instead thought it was from her mom.  /:

We also went to the Shell Houston Open with my buddy, Ryan, whom Rena aptly deemed “Ryan Lion.”  I’ve taken Rena to a couple of baseball games before with mixed results; the first time she was very well behaved, but the second time, not so much.  So I went into this experience pretty worried.  I bought us hats when we got there, so that got her into it initially, but she actually surprised me with how well she behaved.


She obviously got tired and pretty bored, but on the bus over they showed Phil Mickelson on the TVs and when we saw him on the course, I’d just remind her that it’s “the guy from TV” which she thought was pretty awesome.  We almost got a high-five from him a couple times when he was leaving the greens.  In all, she behaved really well with a friend of mine that she hadn’t met before in a very “boring” atmosphere.


I’ve been worried about posting about her soccer matches/practices so much, but they are an area of extreme frustration for me, so I have to have one in here.

I think I’ve figured her “problem” out.  She generally starts out on the defensive line in the back and isn’t involved immediately.  This causes her to become disinterested and she struggles to pay attention when she’s back there.  Lots of spinning and holding her hands behind her back.  However, whenever she gets put into midfield and gets the opportunity to be in the middle of everything, she does pretty good.  She runs, tries and even gets a few kicks in there.  The coach told me “it’s OK” at the last game; I guess I was encouraging her a little aggressively.



I have pretty much decided that unless she starts showing more “competitive fire” before next season, she likely won’t be playing soccer next year.  My family and I have decided that she just isn’t as competitive as I was, and is more like my sister.  My sister did excel at swimming though, so that’s something we will consider soon.

Oh, another big thing happened – I graduated from the University of Houston!!!  This was the second biggest day of my life, the first obviously being when Rena was born, and I cried accordingly.  I did however, manage to hold back the tears (and not trip) while walking across stage; I’m proud!

My sister’s going to UH for photography and she’s the one that took all of these pictures.

Grad1 Grad2 Grad3 Grad4 Grad5 Grad6 Grad7 Grad8 Grad9


I start my new internship at an awesome public relations agency, IntegratePR, within the next two weeks as the Social Media Intern, and if things go right, I will start training this weekend at the Houston Chronicle as an Agate Clerk, so things are falling into place post-graduation, which is a huge relief.

Now that things have settled down for me, it should be easier for me to keep up with this – I won’t leave you again!